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Pavement Maintenance by All Ways Construction

Services We Offer

From routine maintenance to major and minor repairs, count on All Ways Construction to keep your asphalt and concrete in top condition. Our team is equipped to handle your commercial needs, including parking lots and drainage basins, as well as your residential driveway or patio.


Even the best concrete and asphalt paving needs attention from time to time. At All Ways, we provide sealcoating services that protect your concrete from moisture and staining, and replace beneficial oils that keep your asphalt attractive and flexible.

Our asphalt servicing includes crack filling to prevent seeping moisture from undermining the base of your parking lot, driveway or roadway. We also provide expert filling of small holes and crumbling edges that can ruin your paved surface if left unaddressed.

Concrete and asphalt repairs

When repairs to your concrete or asphalt pavement are needed, count on All Ways Construction for leveling, crack repair, pothole filling and edge repair. We provide quality repairs that take care of the surface and the base, so you know your paved surface will last, from commercial parking lots to residential patios.

Contact our experts for estimates and repairs to catch basins and drainage infrastructure that keep your parking lots and roadways free of standing water. We repair or replace these structures as needed so rain and melting snow run away from your paved surface.

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