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Residential Asphalt by All Ways Construction

Contact All Ways Construction for quality asphalt driveways, walkways and pathways. We provide planning and installation for homes and communities across Northeast Ohio. Easy to maintain asphalt can last up to 30 years and is more flexible than concrete in Northeast Ohio’s freeze/thaw cycle. Asphalt is a great choice for improving the look of your home on a budget.



Q: How long does the process typically take?
A: Depending on the size and scope of your driveway, most driveways are completed in two to three days, weather permitting.

Q:How long do we have to stay off our new driveway?
A: We ask to stay of your newly installed driveway a minimum of 48 hours. In extreme heat we may require more time.

Q: How long will my asphalt driveway last?
A: Lifespan is anywhere from 15 to 30 years depending on use and winter conditions. Also, your asphalt or concrete drive is only as durable as the base underneath. Therefore, we will sometimes recommend a full removal and replacement when we feel there is not a substantial base underneath.

Q: Don’t I have to sealcoat every year to maintain the drive?
A: Sealcoating is NOT necessary, but a matter of preference.  If you like that fresh paved look, you can sealcoat as the drive ages for aesthetics. Crack filling is important as hairline cracks appear throughout the aging process to eliminate moisture from infiltrating the asphalt during the freeze/thaw process.

Q: Do you offer a warranty?
A: Yes, one-year limited warranty on installation related issues.

Q: Is there an advantage to Asphalt over Concrete?
A: Asphalt is generally cheaper initially, and in winter asphalt thaws much quicker than concrete, helping to prevent icing.  Also, as the driveway ages, repairs are less expensive and overlay options are available to extend life where a full removal and replacement of concrete is required.

Q: Do I need a down payment or check at completion?
A: No, we invoice 100% upon completion.

Q: Who will be in charge of my driveway construction?
A: Your Estimator will brief the crew foreman on all aspects of your project, and if you are available, either the estimator or foreman will do a pre-construction walk-through with you.

Q: Do I need a permit?
A: Our Office staff will obtain all permits when needed.

Q: Can you do drain work?
A: Yes, AWC handles drain/catch basin installs along with downspout work and underdrain work.

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